About Aschi's Workshop


About Aschi's Workshop   

Peter Aschenbrenner, the owner of
Aschi's Workshop has a number of
hobbies. Besides being a railway
and model railway fan, making
wooden toys and models is his favorit.

Aschi, as he is called now lives in
Mandurah, Western Australia.
Read more about Aschi on his

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 Above: Aschi on the computer, developing
new plans.

Right and Left: Aschi has only a small
workshop. As he says, no special tools
needed to make toys and models from
Plans. Easy does it !

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Rigth: Aschi held courses in the high school.

Here he shows how to make something
with simple tools. Most of Aschi's Plans are tested in a bigger group. 


Right: One of many Super Models.

 Now over 130 Plans to chose from. Only at Aschi's Workshop

Aschi builds all toys and models in wood. Not computer generates plans without testing. 

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Toys are based on the real world... Kids love it and dad and granddad like building them. 

Easy to build with basic tools and it looks real.

All plans get send by e-mail, quick and no postage!! We deliver in less than 72 hours.

The models are made to aithentic drawings or Peter Aschi takes the measurements from the real vehicles and makes the drawings.

"It has to be right"

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Left: Aschi's Garden railway.

Aschi has many wooden train plans on
his web-page. Easy to build, a real
delight for the young and old train buff.


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Left:  A all time favorite: the little steam train.

Check out the many plans for Wooden Toy Trains at

Aschi's Workshop.

From The Redcliffe NewsPaper  December 2000.

This was the begin of Aschi's Workshop Plan

 Redcliffe is a town on the peninsula just north of Brisbane / Australia

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Aschi's Home Town MANDURAH in Western Australia.

15 years of Aschi's Workshop.... we think: the best plans for wooden models and toys on the net. Check it out and get your FREE PLANS today.

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