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G-Gauge   Aschi's Garden Railway  G-Gauge
Aschi's Workshop is now working on plans / patterns for the G-Gauge garden railway.  Real plans, real instructions for easy to build models without special tools. -easy does it- is our motto here as well.  Check out Aschi's Workshop and get your introductory plan for just 3 bucks.  222G-GaugeCar-1.jpg - 60.01 kb Check out the first of the rolling stock Plans/ Patterns for a G-Gauge car. Aschi has created this easy to build wagon as introductory to the G-gauge plans to come. Is only $3 for a model you can really build and not only a drawing without how to build it. Plan #222 from Aschi's Workshop. g-car0004.jpg - 112.1 kb G_0033.jpg - 77.9 kb
Plan #153  from Aschi's Workshop is G-Gauge (scale 1:24). Very easy to build and is ment to be a begin for a number of buildings in the old style. 153G.jpg - 43.82 kb 153pp.jpg - 83.5 kb The methode used to build this shed is simple and uses up some of your scrap wood. It is a real plan whitch shows how to build a Goods Shed.  Not just side drawings. 153Gpport.jpg - 50.99 kb
 Aschi's Train is at home in Mandurah,  Western Australia. t14_0397.jpg - 165.28 kb t14_0399.jpg - 87.11 kb t14_0401.jpg - 181.19 kb t14_0403.jpg - 141.87 kb
t14_0408.jpg - 123.86 kb t14_0420.jpg - 134.79 kb t14_0421.jpg - 169.54 kb t14_0427.jpg - 132.47 kb t14_0429.jpg - 169.45 kb
Peter Aschi and wife Enid have put a lot of work in the landscape into the raiway yard. g20806.jpg - 239.68 kb This is the favorite railway from Aschi's Workshop. boy-with-model-train.jpg - 87.11 kb g20815.jpg - 321.97 kb
SteveandTerry005.jpg - 125.49 kb g20830.jpg - 223.61 kb g20832.jpg - 238.79 kb g20817.jpg - 308.89 kb Train-model-178.jpg - 145.88 kb
aschistrain1 The live steam loco in the left picture is Peters pride. aschistrain3 left: Brian is checking his Aster. aschistrain4
On special occassions, friends come along for a steam-run. aschistrain5 aschistrain2

 Pictures left shows the begin of Aschi's Garden Railway in 2012 

Picture right is the train from Plan #220 from Aschi's Workshop

p220port.jpg - 154.6 kb

This Loco is a scale model of a Hartmann Fairley. Only 3 got build. One was running in the town of Reichenbach im Vogtland.

Gerhard Sachse from Leipzig has built this model, all in brass for Peter Aschi.

The landscape still needs some work....

aschistrain6 aschistrain7 The plan to build this little beauty is available from  Aschi's Web-Page aschistrain8
Peter Aschi from Aschi's Workshop has a garden-railway in his home in Mandurah, Western Australia.
While the trains are running, Aschi is working on new models and toys to create plans for the easy builder. Check out Aschi's Train Plans and Patterns here !   
New pictures from Aschi's Garden Railway. The year 2014 started  with trains running nearly every day
The bridge in the back is made from weldet steel. Based on the Victoria Fall Bridge in Africa.
The girder bridge is made from alloy profiles.
One day....