Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage
Perth/ Western Australia, January 2015. The prime mover with low loader has reversed in the road to the yard. A late model Kenworth is the Prime Mover that was used t otow the heavy load to the Port o f Fremantle....

Impressive front, The front view of the Kenworth  looks so impressive. The "Over Size" signs were already in place.

The low loader itself is widened to 4.5 meter (14') using the in built hydraulic rams getting ready for the load, the ramps have to be lowered...
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Here he comes... this 4.7 meter (14') wide monster.... It takes prescion driving to mount the trailer as the driver is unable to see where the wheels are, he has to rely on the guidence of the person in front

The heavy vehicle is loaded and is placed correctly on the trailler  by the use of pressure gauges in the truck cabin, this contols the exact positioning for the safety of the load.

The cargo is finally loaded to saisfaction and is then tied down with chains and shackles. .... on the road again... on the way to the Port of Fremantle at  8Okms (50 miles) per hour...
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Bridges pose a special challenge for high loads travelling at 80kms with very often little room to spare.


Some bridges are not the same hieght allover and the Rig then as to move to the one side of the road and the pilot vehicle is then used to block any following traffic. Negotiating tight curves takes a special skill and is not always easy ... nearly there ... Port of Freemantle..

...waiting for the paper and the load is ready to get Just shipped to Singapore

All photos: Peter Aschi from aschisworkshop.com 

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g516.jpg - 73.08 kb Aschi's Workshop has many plans/ patterns for easy to build vehicles. Here are just some samples of Heavy Vehicles.  Check out aschisworkshop.com  web-page and get your FREE Plan today. 154trucktilted.jpg - 37.08 kb truckandtrailer.jpg - 91.64 kb 151Lowboy.jpg - 59.57 kb

On the Way from Perth to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia 2010:

The Pilot car makes sure, the road is free, really free! Than comes a Lowloader with an Komatsu Tipper, followed by an other rig the same size. The speed is aproxy 40 miles per hour.  Photos: Peter Aschi

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