Road Trains of Australia

Road Trains of Australia

In the town of Albany in Western Australia is the home of HALL Transport.  HALL is transporting goods for farmers.

Peter Aschi got permission to enter the yard and take photos.

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On the road to the port of Albany ...

53 meter (over 150ft) long Road Trains, a stunning picture for every truck fan.

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Aschi's Workshop has a number of plans for trucks and road trains. One day Aschi will make a replica plan for this beautis.

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Kenworth twin steer truck and trailer. Photo by Peter Aschi: March 2014, Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. armarch141.jpg - 150.76 kb Aschi's Workshop is considering to make a plan / pattern of this rig for wooden toy model. Surly, it would be a stunning model in scale 1:27 or 1:20. armarch1427.jpg - 108.3 kb armarch1417.jpg - 116.66 kb
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Aschi's Workshop has plans / patterns to make a wooden model from this Kenworth road tractor in scale 1:27.                      Right: the cover page from Aschi's Plan / Pattern #171.

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Western Star with long range tanks and big sleeper.                       Photo by Peter Aschi: March 214  Perth, Western Australia

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Iron Ore Road Train in Western Australia. 2013 82 wheels...carring over 200 tons... There Aschi got inspired for his Wooden Truck.            Photos: Peter Aschi, 2013 Is not easy to overtake this Road Train. A scale model in wood. Crafted by Peter Aschi. The plan / pattern is aviable from Aschi's Workshop
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Volvo twin steer road tractor with 2 30ft tipper trailer. Perth 2013 Oil / petrol tanker in Perth. well over 80ft long, driving in the town of Perth. Photos: Peter Aschi 2013 On the way to Merredin in Western Australia. 2010 Gravel Tipper in Western Australia. 2010
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Wooden toy models in scale 1:20.  Left: COE prime mover / road tractor with B-Double flatbed trailer. Patterns from Aschi's Workshop 

aschi112.jpg - 42.21 kb 2 hooded/ bonneted road tractors. Wooden toy plans from Aschi's Workshop.  Get your FREE PLAN  today from Aschi's Workshop aschi113.jpg - 41.64 kb
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Road Train, over 110ft long, from Kalgoorlie to Meridan. 2013 Grain haulage im Weat-Belt of Western Australia.  All photos: Peter Aschi. Tanker semitrailer and trailer with low profile tyres. Kenworth hauling hay from Meridan,WA. 2013  Volvo Globetrotter. Western Australia 2013