Model Builder Frank Silverman

Model Builder Frank Silverman
Frank Silverman is building Low-Boy trailers for the MINI Series by using Plans from bigger sizes from Aschi's Workshop FrankS_9Plan169.jpg - 151.66 kb FrankS_7Plan169.jpg - 128.79 kb

Frank is putting a lot of work into sizing down bigger plans to MINI Series

Plans from  Aschi's Workshop

FrankS_169compare135.jpg - 126.44 kb I show a comparison from 169 to the 135 so you get the idea that it actually creates a new series.
miniseriesbannerad.jpg - 57.5 kb Check out the big variety  of Aschi's Workshop MINI Series plans.  Click here. FrankS_169compare135close.jpg - 156.77 kb Detail picture of the two different Low-Boy Trailers. FrankS_Plan3_69newfrontend.jpg - 106.08 kb  Frank is keen....Plan #162 is a big project.... I'll know more when I do the 162 next.
Frank Silverman, the MINI Master has built all the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans from the MINI Series. An than......... 135_1x.jpg - 97.18 kb ......And than Frank used Aschi's Plan from the much bigger scale (1:27) and converted it to MINI Series size.  135_4x.jpg - 123.7 kb Frank used the Plan #135. The result is simply stunning.  No wonder, Frank the MINI Master does it... 135_Original2x.jpg - 132.14 kb
135_7x.jpg - 128.05 kb 135_3x.jpg - 132.08 kb

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135_5x.jpg - 113.79 kb 135_6carryingx.jpg - 130.87 kb 500webbuttonx3.jpg - 169.94 kb
Frank Silverman has done it again. Frank used the Plan #173 from Aschi's Workshop and reduced them to 75%. What a great result!!  AFS173.jpg - 111.1 kb AFS1.jpg - 153.5 kb AFS2.jpg - 174.21 kb AFS3.jpg - 148.22 kb AFS4.jpg - 177.68 kb
FSILVER_2.jpg - 169.04 kb Frank Siverman, the MINI Master has built the Fire Trucks from Aschi's Workshop Plan #509.  Frank has done an excellent job as he always does. FSILVER_4.jpg - 126.53 kb FSILVER_3.jpg - 124.16 kb FSILVER_509.jpg - 73.74 kb FSILVER_7.jpg - 119.61 kb
Frank Silverman has tested the FREE PLAN for Aschi's Workshop Newsletter #31 IMG_0010stefNEWS.jpg - 120.77 kb

Ginger Silverman has used the models for a fantastic disply of her creative work.

Plans are only available from Aschi's Newsletter.

Fun-O-Trike-1_cov.jpg - 55.71 kb FST_8.jpg - 127.57 kb FST_9.jpg - 130.9 kb
FST_7.jpg - 161.84 kb FSTF_1.jpg - 105.8 kb FSTF_2.jpg - 104.25 kb FSTF_3.jpg - 119.67 kb FST_10.jpg - 151.55 kb

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FST_1.jpg - 140.91 kb FST_2.jpg - 134.18 kb FST_3.jpg - 152.52 kb FST_4.jpg - 160.88 kb FST_5.jpg - 166.51 kb FST_6.jpg - 133.84 kb
111Dumper-c.jpg - 52.5 kb

Frank Silverman did it again...         Is FRANKLIN BUILT, is BIG !!!  from ASCHI'S WORKSHOP PLANS           Finished Plan 111 from Aschi's Workshop. This is a vintage Construction Dumper.

FrankS17feb69.jpg - 99.23 kb

This piece is 150% of the plan size. It measures 25" long. The wood is Fir Heart, Walnut and figured Redwood wheels. It articulates right/left on a pivot point and the trailer dumps backwards. It was a challenging piece but well worth the work put into it.

FrankS17feb74.jpg - 95.19 kb FrankS17feb75.jpg - 100.83 kb
Frank Silverman is buiding big or small. Frank is using Aschi's Workshop Plans  for his projects. problem for master craftsman Frank.... 16FS228mini1.jpg - 96.04 kb 16FS228mini2.jpg - 101.68 kb 16FS228mini3.jpg - 80.67 kb

left: Frank's MINI models made from Aschi's Plan and the very big one.

right: Aschi's original size model.

16FS228gravel520a.jpg - 84.35 kb
192Tuff.jpg - 76.68 kb

Frank Silverman, BIG AGAIN        Plan 192 Front Loader.  It's 15.5" long by 7.5" across the Wheels and 6" high   PLAN #192 from ASCHI's WORKSHOP 

192TuffFS_1.jpg - 95.48 kb 192TuffFS_2.jpg - 110.8 kb 192TuffFS_3.jpg - 100.54 kb 192TuffFS_4.jpg - 146.55 kb
Frank Silverman is using plans from Aschi's Workshop and enlarge them 1,5x. The result is stunning. 217franks1.jpg - 111.8 kb 217trailer1.jpg - 64.62 kb217trailer2.jpg - 62.2 kb217trailer3.jpg - 65.18 kb Aschi's Workshop Plans from the Farm Series are in scale 1:27. Frank is making all parts x1.5, this ends up to be scale 1:18.  217franks2.jpg - 92.96 kb  
Frank Silverman has built this super model of a 1930' Scammell Lorry. The plan is #125 from Aschi's Workshop. FrankS1252.jpg - 100.28 kb

Check out how to built it on YouTube

Frank on FaceBook.

FrankS125.jpg - 92.5 kb Master craftsman  Frank Silverman is testing most of Aschi's Workshop Plans.  FrankS1253.jpg - 95.54 kb
FS516_Train-1.jpg - 68.52 kb Frank Silverman is hooked one MINI Series from Aschi's Workshop. Frank has built the 'Real' Road Train with 3 trailers. FS516_063.jpg - 84.56 kb We know, Frank is working on something big!!!!   watch this space and see what Frank Silverman comes up with. FS516_064.jpg - 79 kb FS516_067.jpg - 77.36 kb
Frank Silverman was the first one to build the YARD REFUELING STATION from Aschi's Newsletter #10. Frank_s40009.jpg - 99.52 kb This plan is FREE and is for Newsletter recipien only. Signe up today on Aschi's Web-Page. CLICK HERE Frank_s4000x2248.jpg - 94.07 kb Frank_sRefuelRight4000x2248.jpg - 82.82 kb Frank_sRefuelStation0x2248.jpg - 78.7 kb
FSm512_1sideview.jpg - 69.81 kb FSm512_2comparison3.jpg - 82.17 kb FSm512_3_IronOreTruck.jpg - 105.36 kb FSm512_4compared.jpg - 99.42 kb FSm512_5TippedTrailers.jpg - 115.22 kb FSm512_6Trailer.jpg - 108.28 kb

Peter: I used Aschi’s Workshop Plan #149 and added a 3rd axle. Then used Plan #211 because I wanted the long 3 axle trailer. Worked out perfect. Using the Mahogany was the right thing. Frank S.

fs16_0011.jpg - 77.23 kb fs16_0012.jpg - 103.57 kb Frank has created a nice truck from Aschi's Workshop Plans and Aschi's Newsletter. (Plan for the bottle holder) Thanks Frank for picture and text… but why is the bottle empty??  fs16_0013.jpg - 71.35 kb fs16_0015.jpg - 71.2 kb
FS155_144.jpg - 68.41 kb FS151.jpg - 99.65 kb FS152.jpg - 78.97 kb FS153.jpg - 163.12 kb

Frank Silverman has built this Narrow Gauge Steam Train from Aschi's Workshop Plan #144 : "This was a fun project to work with"                                    Right: Aschi has also a matching Freight Train Plan (#159) for the same Loco.

FS154_159.jpg - 71.83 kb
fs15a2c.jpg - 166.93 kb Frank Silverman has built a big collection from Aschi's Workshop Plans #230, 232 and 233. Frank is a master in using different lumber. fs15a1c.jpg - 104.42 kb fs15a3c.jpg - 129.7 kb fs15a4c.jpg - 120.91 kb fs15a5c.jpg - 126.85 kb
Peter: I started building your designs in December 2011. There have been quite a few built since then. Challenge is excellent and end result is something one can be proud of. Aschi’s Workshop Plan 154 was a fun challenge and to date the best Plan to have been built. I have a good inventory of wood given to me. fsbuild8.jpg - 77.3 kb I chose the Oak and Walnut for the Trailers. That wood was used in 1950 to build my next door neighbor’s house. The white wood is Alder. Getting the parts all cut and shaped then out into their separate trays was the exact right thing to do. I built the Tractor first and one Trailer to get a feel for the fitting of all three trailers. I did a lot of Dry Fitting before any gluing. Craftparts ( supplied the wheels. The wheels were stained Golden Oak. fsbuild6.jpg - 75.09 kb fsbuild1.jpg - 112.9 kb fsbuild7.jpg - 85.7 kb
fsbuild5.jpg - 67.86 kb fsbuild9.jpg - 58.92 kb fsbuild10.jpg - 63.78 kb  I wanted the wheels dark. My personal feeling is the dark worked better than just Varnish on raw spruce for this model.. The overall length is 68" I am making a shelf to add to my collection in my Party Room. Repeating myself, the results were spectacular for this truck. Will teach those who see to understand the Australian Road Train. Frank Silverman   Plans from Aschi's Workshop fsbuild11.jpg - 67.85 kb fsbuild12.jpg - 70.38 kb
fsm1c.jpg - 119 kb Finished Plan 232. They are a bit different than the original 230. I lowered the roof by using 3/8's material and changed the slant in the roof. I also changed the 6 degrees to 7.5 degrees on the cabin/motor cut. To me it looks more like an early Ford now. If you look at #4, you can see the orange wood. I have no idea what it is.  fsm19c.jpg - 96.8 kb fsm6c.jpg - 78.75 kb It is very hard and very dense. It sands very slow. But the color was just wonderful. I looked it up but still couldn't specifically figure out what it is. Of course I wanted you to see them before I put them out on Facebook. Hope you like them Peter. Now I am back to being a Gardner for a while. Frank  ALL PLANS from ASCHI's WORKSHOP fsm7c.jpg - 87.82 kb
fsm14c.jpg - 90.48 kb fsm8c.jpg - 92.39 kb fsm15c.jpg - 98.88 kb fsm2c.jpg - 65.18 kb fsm4c.jpg - 101.6 kb fsm12c.jpg - 98.81 kb
Frank Silverman from California is building toys and models from Aschi's Workshop plans for a long time. Frank make his own modifications and alteration. A credit to Frank for excellent workmanship. fs145_1.jpg - 96.04 kb fs145_2.jpg - 91.87 kb fs145_5.jpg - 102.28 kb Using selectet wood for all the models is Frank's special. The plan for this 8-wheeler is Aschi's Workshop #145.  fs145_6.jpg - 87.03 kb
fs188_2.jpg - 130.87 kb fs188_3.jpg - 117.71 kb fs188_1.jpg - 129.26 kb A fovorite vehicle is the good old LandRover. Frank has built one from Aschi's Workshop plans #188. The plan is easy to understand and for sone parts are full size templates to make it even easyer. fs188_5.jpg - 84.44 kb fs188_4.jpg - 86.67 kb
fs185_2.jpg - 114.54 kb fs185_1.jpg - 92.84 kb Fast for the boys or lovely for the girls, Frank built it and finishes with an excellent paint job. The plans are from Aschi's Workshop. fssnow1.jpg - 81.5 kb fssnow6.jpg - 97.18 kb fssnow8.jpg - 100.46 kb
The need for speed... Frank Silverman built the cars from Aschi's Workshop Plans. fs3r1.jpg - 74.3 kb fs3r2.jpg - 73.79 kb fs3r7.jpg - 88.33 kb fs3r10.jpg - 92.77 kb fs3r4.jpg - 95.84 kb
fsgreen1.jpg - 137.26 kb fsgreen3.jpg - 119.72 kb ....spooky.... strange... defenitely diffrent...  This toy was designet from boys in Brisbane/ Australia. Plans drawn by Aschi's Workshop and now built by Frank Silverman. fsheli1.jpg - 98.38 kb The helicopter plan #186 from Aschi's Workshop masterly built by Frank, using selected wood. fsheli4.jpg - 91.69 kb

The Red Fire Truck, a alltime favorite... Frank has built lots and lots of them.

It is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop. Get your one today!!

fsff1.jpg - 86.28 kb fsff3.jpg - 110.12 kb fsff4.jpg - 95.45 kb Aschi's Workshop has as FREE PLAN this Fire Truck. It is ment as sample for the quality of Aschi's plans and for you to test. Get your FREE PLAN today. Just go to Aschi's Webpage. 212FireTruck1.jpg - 86.96 kb
fstruck2.jpg - 103.11 kb Selected wood and attention to detail is Frank's special when building wooden models. Also using Aschi's Workshop plans and enlarge them 1.5 and build even bigger models. fsww1.jpg - 100.6 kb fs209_3.jpg - 138.7 kb fs209_7.jpg - 83.22 kb fsdetail.jpg - 84.47 kb
Here are a selection of Frank Silverman's trucks in different sizes. fs209_4.jpg - 94.91 kb fs209_6.jpg - 75.58 kb fstruck3.jpg - 126.01 kb fsw1.jpg - 98.79 kb fstruck4.jpg - 106.74 kb
fs_planter1.jpg - 86.16 kb fs_planter2.jpg - 92.49 kb Frank Silverman also makes a lot of Planters. As to expect; all shapes and sizes. See more on Frank's FaceBook Page. fsg1c.jpg - 158.46 kb fsg2c.jpg - 98.67 kb fsg3c.jpg - 147.09 kb
fsg10c.jpg - 86.63 kb fsg11c.jpg - 129.17 kb fsg12c.jpg - 103.22 kb I have been playing with wood for more than 40 years.  It was Plan #156 that got me hooked with Aschi's Workshop.   The people who I give some of the work I do to are now in awe (I don't sell very much of them because I like the feeling of giving something to someone of great value for nothing).

Aschi's Workshop has over 130 plans for toys, models and more.

Check it out, get you FREE PLAN today.

fsg4c.jpg - 88.7 kb fsg6c.jpg - 183.04 kb fsg8.jpg - 79.56 kb fsg9c.jpg - 97.2 kb fsg5c.jpg - 119.04 kb fsg7c.jpg - 129.11 kb