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Toy Maker Bruce Mascord
bm032.jpg - 68.65 kb I got a parcel today from Bruce Mascord (October 2015)  A surprise gift from a Customer to Peter from Aschi's Workshop.  A converted trailer from plan #154 to hold a bottle of wine.  Was a big surprise !!  Just look at the finish and the details...   THANK YOU BRUCE !!!  Peter Aschi bm036.jpg - 66.51 kb bm034.jpg - 75.97 kb bm035.jpg - 85.37 kb

Letter from Bruce:  Hi Peter

Just a quick note to say thanks, My daughter decided to get me a plan of another of your trucks with the sleepers I had a ball making six of them 3 with double diff and 3 with triple diff but I needed them to be 1:27 scale so I did some conversions to your drawings which worked fine as I like to have all my trailers fit any truck. That exercise together with another 3 tipping trailers took 2 weeks but still have to do the assembly. Keep up the good work your plans are the best and easiest I have ever worked with and conversions to another scale is not difficult.

Thanks again.  Regards, Bruce Mascord.       Aschi's Workshop Plans

bm_0504.jpg - 95.77 kb bm_0503.jpg - 198.98 kb bm_0502.jpg - 116.82 kb bm_0501.jpg - 150.82 kb
Letter from BRUCE  MASCORD:   Hi Peter,  
Thank you for your interest I have attached a few photos of my current stock. I started making models around two years ago to add some colour to our market stall my wife runs with her jewellery and my daughters art work. I was a fitter and turner in another life before retirement, I did my apprenticeship in the army and wanted to be a carpenter, that of course didn’t happen so now I am doing what I love and that is creating with wood I must say an enjoyable past time but somehow full tim

Like you I only have a small workshop with basic tools I make all my own wheels in batches of 200 which doesn’t go far on two side tipper road trains, they are also my best seller. We do many markets here in Canberra and the surrounding area from Jindabyne to Berry our biggest would be Hall markets here in Canberra.  Regards,  Bruce Mascordhop

Plans/ Pattern from Aschi's Workshop

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toys002xx.jpg - 73.36 kb toys003xx.jpg - 66.19 kb toys004xx.jpg - 99.94 kb toys009xx.jpg - 55.98 kb toys010xx.jpg - 56.42 kb