Workshop Tips

Workshop Tips for Toy Maker

Peter Aschi from Aschi's Workshop has developed Workshop Tips for the Toy Maker.

Workshop Tip #1   Painting Wheels. Using a simple to make jig which helps to paint wheels easely and quick.

Workshop Tip #2   Working with Patterns. A simple guide to make it easy using patterns.

Workshop Tip #3   Drilling Axle Holder. Also called Axle Housing. A simple to make jig helps to drill the axle holes strigt.

Workshop Tip #4  Making a Sanding Drum. Mainly to sand fenders, wheel arches or anything wich needs to be smooth in a curve, a Sanding Drum does the job. There are Sanding Drums on offer in tool shops and hardware stores, but mostly in sets. Making the own one is in the right size, quick and saves money.

Workshop Tip #5  Making Hydraulic Rams. this is a simple way to drill a hole deep into a dowel.

Check out Aschi's Workshop for new Workshop Tips. The home of excellent wooden toy and model plans.

Aschi's Workshop has also a number of real FREE PLANS.

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