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Aschi's Workshop is showing here wooden toys and models made from Aschi's Workshop Plans / Pattern. Aschi welcomes everyone to distribute to this page with pictures from wooden toys made from Aschi's Workshop Plans and Pattern. Aschi endavours to make this to the largest page for home made wooden toys on the net. Check out Aschi's Workshop Plans / Pattern. Over 100 patterns and plans to choose from. Free Plans and workshop tips...... click here. best.jpg - 126.87 kb

John Truelove from Thailand has converted Aschi's Free Plan  to something big!!

Hi Peter, Good day to you.                                                 The little red fire truck is now finished. Photo’s attached. Must say it’s one of the easiest models I have made and a credit to you. Next is a modification to the little red fire truck (Big brother) photo’s attached.  Very straight forward to do. Overall the rig is 23 3/4 inch long.  Cheers, John

ff33.jpg - 50.85 kb ff35.jpg - 54.36 kb ff40.jpg - 47.87 kb ff42.jpg - 58.94 kb

John Truelove from Thailand:  Hi Peter, Just finished the Old English truck (Aschi’s Workshop Plan #123) Photo's attached.  Did a few changes.

1. Turned it into a beer can carrier ( no change to chassis length or width or cab. )           2. Made an exhaust box on one side other side made into a fuel tank ( just added a filler )                3. Changed rad due to my error in measuring (must remember measure twice cut once ).  John is making fantastic models, most from teak.

a1john_1720.jpg - 58.6 kb a1john_1725.jpg - 56.95 kb a1john_1715.jpg - 66.93 kb a1john_1719.jpg - 51.59 kb

New Plan from Aschi's Workshop:

Scale Model Scale 1:27                            Row Crop Tractor.This classic little tractor was made in the 60's and 70's and is still in popular use today. A real little beauty, both at full scale and as model or toy. Every Miniature Farmer needs one.   5"(13cm) long. Matches up to all Scale 1:27 Trailer and Implements. 

242699a.jpg - 87.89 kb 242705a.jpg - 106.95 kb 242714a.jpg - 173.46 kb 130702a.jpg - 90.63 kb

New Plan from Aschi's Workshop
Tandem Axle Lime Spreader and Truck mounted Lime Spreader. 
Build 2 different types of farm equipment (a trailer and a truck) from one plan. Builds up a great farm truck with the lime spreader attached and you can also make a separate trailer-style lime spreader with tandem bogeys, to hook up to your tractor. In fact it is scaled to suit any vehicle in the 1:27 range. Trailer hooks up to all Scale 1:27 Farm Tractors.

226_11.jpg - 94.43 kb 226_22.jpg - 69.23 kb 226_33.jpg - 102.82 kb 226_44.jpg - 61.51 kb
Alfred Rose from Las Cruces/ New Mexico has built the American Cusom Rig from Aschi's Workshop Plan #197. A perfect selection of different wood, excellent workmanship and the varnish made this Super Model. ar779.jpg - 69.98 kb ar781.jpg - 66.45 kb ar783.jpg - 71.43 kb ar787.jpg - 54.01 kb

Paul Jobbins from New Zealand:
Thanks everyone for the positive feedback (and so many shares!). I've just finished using up the rest of the log building this cute helicopter (Plan #186) I love the helicopter plan by the way.  The finished product is so aesthetically pleasing with it's curves, yet the build is amazingly simple!  A very clever design.

PaulJheli.jpg - 115.6 kb pjland1.jpg - 97.04 kb pjland2.jpg - 104.58 kb pjland3.jpg - 132 kb

Bob Hagendijk: I live in the east part of the Netherlands and make all kind of toys. 

This rig is made from Aschi's Workshop plan #149.

BH9243a.jpg - 71.8 kb BH9245a.jpg - 100.65 kb The wood I use for all my toys isbeech. Hard enough to take a fall, soft enough to be work with. This rig is finished with Danish oil. Any toymaker who wants to contact me for reference, a chat or questions is wellcome. BH9244a.jpg - 74.13 kb
A letter from Alfred Rose: Hi Peter; Regards from New Mexico!!. Here are a couple of pictures of the 18-wheeler, I finished a couple of weeks ago. Regards, Alfred. ar761.jpg - 74.38 kb ar762.jpg - 69.05 kb

Alfred has built the rig from Aschi's Workshop Plan #149

Rigth: Cover of Aschi's plan.

14918-Wheeler-1.jpg - 70.64 kb
Zane Wright from Geelong, Australia has built sensational models from Aschi's Workshop plans zw_0627gg.jpg - 98.61 kb zwphoto2x.jpg - 85.81 kb

Zane's dad has done the finishing work and the photography.

Right: The base plan #209 from Aschi has 3 different Road Tractors / Prime Mover.

RoadTractor1a_019.jpg - 121.93 kb

Alfred Rose from Las Cruces in New Mexico has built this church, applying the same technic as for the Goods Shed, Plan #153 from Aschi’s Workshop.

Arosech2.jpg - 122.59 kb Arosech1.jpg - 78.96 kb

Inspiring for Large Gauge Railway Modeler, Plan #153 from Aschi’s Workshop. A simple way and so effective.

153Gxx.jpg - 57.03 kb
Aschi's Workshop has created a plan for a Couch Train "California Zephyr" This train is in Junior Series and matches in size and style all other toys from the Junior Series. Ptrainpageweb.jpg - 152.48 kb

Code 220 This plan is a little sensation. 93 inch (2,36 meter) long, child-save coupling and an easy to build intereor.. It is so easy to make something special with Aschi's Workshop Plans.

220cov.jpg - 66.87 kb CaliforniaZephyr2.jpg - 417.23 kb
Aschi's Workshop  has created 3 new plans for the Farm Series in scale 1:27.  A Flare Box Trailer, a Seed Drill and a Small Farm Trailer. All 3 are in one plan #221 for a low price. Check it out at  Aschi's Workschop Page. 221_3_209xx.jpg - 88.42 kb 221_2_205xx.jpg - 94.84 kb 221_smallfarm.jpg - 88.28 kb 221_240.jpg - 93.25 kb

Alfred Rose from Las Cruces in New Mexico has built the Train from Aschi's Workshop Plans #156.

Alfred has dopne a excellent job selecting the wood.

aar1621.jpg - 75.71 kb aar1624.jpg - 71.63 kb aar1628.jpg - 83.49 kb aar1622.jpg - 75.52 kb
Is a impessive train and so easy to make.  Alfred is here as Railway engineer.... aar1640.jpg - 78.17 kb aar1648.jpg - 98.8 kb aar1616.jpg - 95.79 kb aar1617.jpg - 120.25 kb

New plans from Aschi: All in Scale Model Series Scale 1:27. All Trailers and Implements hook up to all tractors. Lots of new models are still coming for the Toy Farmer, look at the picture on the right. New plans with 6 Trailers and Implement and a super Tractor ar already on the page from Aschi's Workshop

218s095.jpg - 105.71 kb 219s099.jpg - 105.97 kb 217s089.jpg - 116.46 kb headbig132.jpg - 101.1 kb

Alfred Rose from Las Cruces, New Mexico has build the fire engine from  Aschi's Workshop  FREE PLAN.

Alfred made it as pencil holder for his wifes office.

arose35.jpg - 83.34 kb arose43.jpg - 105.46 kb arose37.jpg - 75.27 kb a212FireTruckpor.jpg - 496.13 kb

Aschi's Workshop has created a new flyer.

download them from here and print it out, or request the flyer #216 as pdf file from Aschi's Workshop.

2161.jpg - 118.55 kb 2162.jpg - 130.32 kb 2163.jpg - 102.41 kb  

New Plan from Aschi

Code 215: Scale Model Series 1:27.  2-Axle dump Trailer, 
build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer -multi-plan - suits the "Scale Model Road Tractor" Plans. The axles are in a bogie, pivoted for rough terrain. 

215DumpTrailer127ww.jpg - 64.66 kb wws_0013.jpg - 150.9 kb wws_0005.jpg - 126.81 kb wws1_0018.jpg - 155.9 kb

New Plan from Aschi

Code 214: Tuff Truck Pulp Wood Trailer, 
build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer -multi-plan - suits the "Tuff Truck" Plans


214PulpWoodTrailercov.jpg - 505.45 kb 214_20613xxcxc.jpg - 92.03 kb Pulplog214www.jpg - 219.6 kb


… in the endless forests of North America, Canada and in the mountains of Australia, big log trucks moving big loads….

The trailer has pivoted bogie to adjust for rough terrain.
 Road Tractor and 2 trailers are nearly 5ft long. The single trailer is 22” (56cm) long.

Ian Nylander from NSW / Australia : "Hi Peter & Crew  Thanks for the fantastic plans I have made a few models as per the pictures, and enjoy every moment just love working with wood.   I have always played around with wood, and have set up a garage, with all the gear band saws, drill press etc.  I have just retired now from work so this wood working with models is my hobby.  Thanks again for all the plans and the easy information to follow.                      Best Regards Ian Nylander  

Ian_0162.jpg - 91.64 kb Ian_0169.jpg - 97.68 kb How many different toys are on the table? Ian made them all. All made from Aschi's Workshop Plans, some are modified by Ian. Ian650.jpg - 131.78 kb

Alfred Rose from Las Cruces, New Mexico, has submitted photos from trucks he made from Aschi’s Workshop Plans.

Alfred shows the subject “on the road again” in his pictures. The display on the wall is excellent !!

alrose1412.jpg - 51.56 kb alrose1409.jpg - 219.93 kb alrose1407.jpg - 176.65 kb alrose1400.jpg - 239.08 kb
Rien de Jong from the Netherlands  has submitted photos from his latest models. Rien: " Hi Aschi, Today 2 new Landrovers were supplied to a Dutch Fire Brigade. Best regards from The Netherlands. Rien"  The LaqndRover is Plan / Pattern #188 and the Fire Truck is a FREE Pattern. Both Plans / Pattern are from Aschi's Workshop. RiendeJoungmarch14.jpg - 142 kb a188LandRoverpor.jpg - 286.06 kb RiendeJoungmarch14_2.jpg - 144.21 kb a212FireTruckpor.jpg - 496.13 kb
Brian Scammell from Canada  has used Aschi's Plan #154 and converted the the Road Tractor to an 2-diff one. Brian thinks, Aschi should make more plans for 1:27 scale. sc017.jpg - 82.89 kb sc015.jpg - 80.68 kb sc014.jpg - 71.49 kb 154WAIronOreww.jpg - 57.08 kb
Kevin Aldrige from Hervey Bay, Queensland / Australia  has submittes photos and text:    " I have today finished my latest model based on Plan #123, the old 1920s English Truck. This was another enjoyable project and I have learnt to no longer throw out small scraps of timber as they are often ideally suited for some of the finer details contained within your easy-to-follow plans!" alOldEnglishFront.jpg - 420.04 kb alOldEnglishSide.jpg - 413.05 kb "I kept this model quite close to your original plan, except I slightly reduced the height of the loading bay and added a close-fitting lid. Inside the loading bay box is lined with felt and now this hidden compartment makes an ideal trinket box! "    RIGHT: the cover from Aschi's Workshop Plan #123 123OldEnglishTruck1.jpg - 50.85 kb
Pat Smith from California  is the first one to send pictures of the models he made from the newest plan #213 from Aschi's Workshop.  "Peter—Here are the results of your latest plans.  These I am going to oil finish to get the grain of the wood to show.  I already have had offers to buy these!  Thanks again!  Pat pstrucks001.jpg - 97.71 kb pstrucks004.jpg - 118.46 kb pstrucks009.jpg - 102.09 kb pstrucks007.jpg - 86.91 kb


Peter Aschi  has created a new model for the Tuff Truck Series, Scale 1:20. The Tipper Trailer can be used as Semi-Trailer or, equipped with a Dolly as Dog-Trailer.

aschi21324ftTipper.jpg - 506.41 kb Trailer and Dolly, all from one plan, hooked up to one of the Road Tractors (plan #209) The Road Train is about 4 ft. long. All plans avilable from Aschi's Workshop. aschi213www1.jpg - 96.33 kb aschi213www2.jpg - 88.93 kb

Dave Kehoe  from Cape Brenton / Nova Scotia has built 2 CMP Trucks from Aschi's Workshop Plans and made some conversions.

The plan is from the CLASSIC Series, scale 1:18. Code 210, The famous WW2 Blitz.

dk2198.jpg - 71.96 kb dkF2199.jpg - 63.71 kb dk2190.jpg - 62.09 kb dk2195.jpg - 67.64 kb

Two CMP trucks, one cargo and the other a water tanker. They took longer because as usual there were a few things I wanted to add. Both are in the livery of The 5th Canadian (Armoured) Division, The Cape Breton Highlanders.      Great conversion models Dave !!

dk2197.jpg - 59.64 kb dk2192.jpg - 61.88 kb dk2196.jpg - 63.91 kb dk2191.jpg - 65.31 kb
Kevin Aldrige from Hervey Bay / Australia has submittes photos from his excelent models built from Aschi's Workshop Plans. BlitzFrontww.jpg - 84.48 kb BlitzSide5ww.jpg - 92.96 kb BlitzChassis3ww.jpg - 102.17 kb BlitzCab2ww.jpg - 70.01 kb

Hi Peter,

I have just completed my Chevy Blitz model, thought you might like to take a look. Thoroughly enjoyed making this model, I found your plans excellent to work with. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes  Kevin Aldridge

LRover7Sideww.jpg - 123.34 kb

Looking forward to starting on my next project as I have several of your excellent plans to choose from and already have all the wheels from Simon at WoodenJoys!

Kevin Likes details without the hassel of using special tools.


LRoverAerial6ww.jpg - 93.34 kb
Bob Tribolet from the Gold Coast / Australia has submitted pictures from the LandRovers he made from Aschi's Workshop plan #188. Right: The FREE DOZER plan is still a favorite with everyone.  btland1.jpg - 78.36 kb btland2.jpg - 67.13 kb btland3.jpg - 59.73 kb btdozer.jpg - 71.58 kb
Brian Scammell from Canada is building toys for the Christmas markets. Some to sell, some to give away for charity. scammell003.jpg - 56.03 kb scammell004.jpg - 68.95 kb Brian made these Road Tractors from Aschi's Workshop plan #171. Replicas of the famouse COE's with 3 different sleeper cabs. 171ad.jpg - 98.07 kb

Paul Jobbins:

Hi Peter, Second attempt at the Aero Racer, this time with a few tweaks.  Another delighted child!  This plan is certainly a winner, thanks again.  Paul


PJpl1.jpg - 126.81 kb

  This plan is certainly a winner, thanks again.

The AERO RACER is plan #183 from Aschi's Workshop



PJpl2.jpg - 69.32 kb

PS.   I'm currently in Queenstown, New Zealand (not Cleveland, UK as previously listed.

Bob Tribolet from the Gold Coast in Queensland/ Australia has submitted pictures of his super model. ". I am really happy how it turned out..."  bt635.jpg - 116.85 kb bt633.jpg - 136.53 kb bt636.jpg - 88.9 kb

Bob has built this Big Rig from Aschi's Workshop plan #197.  The Custom Rig is from the Tuff Truck Series in scale 1:20.


Pat Smith from California: Peter,  As promised—here are a few of the last batch of trains and trucks.  Now I’m done for a while with trains!!  The Trains are painted with a water based Acrylic and clear coated with a coat of Polyurethane water based gloss.  pp1.jpg - 94.98 kb pp5.jpg - 101.12 kb pp4.jpg - 107.53 kb pp3.jpg - 82.21 kb

The natural wood are coated with a liberal application of boiled linseed oil which  gives them that warm glow!   The Fire Trucks get the same treatment.  Enjoy the pictures—Pat 

The plan for the train is #199 and the plan for the Fire Engine is FREE.  All from Aschi's Workshop.

pp6.jpg - 124.84 kb pp8.jpg - 108.16 kb pp7.jpg - 97.37 kb pp9.jpg - 136.39 kb

Rien de Jong from the Netherlands:

I had many hours of fun building your US Trucks. Now my grandson has many hours of fun in the role of Trucking company.

rien1.jpg - 130.1 kb rien2.jpg - 114.8 kb    
Paul Jobbins from Cleveland, UK: Finally got round making the Aero Racer (183) and the Light Chopper (186) models. 183_Aero_Racerw.jpg - 109.18 kb 186_Light_Chopperw.jpg - 148.52 kb Both set of plans were easy to follow and have produced results that my son and his friend aredelighted with!  Check out Aschi's Workshop AERO page. Easy to build and lots of fun.

Pat Smith from California:

Peter,I have finished the flatbed truck #207... I have added a drive shaft...for the bes I used small pieces of wood, like the real trucks. ... I'm going tostart assembling the 20 train sets (plan #199) tomorrow. Have a good day - Pat

pat14003.jpg - 168.73 kb pat14005.jpg - 144.96 kb pat14006.jpg - 99.15 kb pat14009.jpg - 165.57 kb

Ed Copping from Canada has sent the first pictures from Christmas 2013. Ed's grandson is a very happy chap. The train is made from Aschi's plans 129, 130, 131, 159,168. 

edc2.jpg - 76.08 kb aTrain1.jpg - 40.55 kb

"BL Truck." - This is a combination of your Cab Over  plan #171 and Trailer Plan #187. I work part time for a Christmas Tree grower here in Quebec . We deliver trees using 53 foot, drop deck trailers. Company name is BL Christmas Trees so I added "B-L" cutouts on front of trailer.


edc3.jpg - 113.91 kb

Bob Tribolet from the Gold Coast / Australia

Peter, finished before Christmas first chance i have had to send photos . I liked this model i found making the steam engine a lot of fun , hope you and your family had a great christmas and a happy new year .Kindest regards Bob

bt624.jpg - 72.9 kb bt625.jpg - 64.17 kb bt626.jpg - 76.91 kb rt627.jpg - 82.65 kb

Tractors from Aschi's Workshop.

Lanz Bulldog, Plan #193;  US Farm Tractor, Plan#138;  Classic Tractor, Plan #109;  GDR Tactor, Plan #133;  Farm Tractor, Plan #117; 

mirror12.jpg - 45.35 kb mirror15.jpg - 47.34 kb mirror13.jpg - 47.79 kb mirror11.jpg - 34.3 kb

Super model for the writing desk or sturdy toy, Aschi's Workshop has plans for.

For 5 tractors are plans avilable from Aschi's Workshop 

heavyusfarm.jpg - 41.16 kb 109tractor.jpg - 24.94 kb gdr600.jpg - 40.66 kb tractor600.jpg - 62 kb

Andrea Greco,  Middletown, NY.:  Dear Peter, thank you for the plans. They were clear, accurate and easy to follow. I was very happy with the results, and I hope the little boy who will receive the train will get many years of enjoyment out of it. I thought you might want a picture of the finished train. I gave it a coat of color, sanded it down to make it look like a much loved vintage toy, and finished it with wax and a light buffing.  Aschi's Plan #144

Andrea1ww.jpg - 118.84 kb Andrea4ww.jpg - 68.17 kb Andrea2ww.jpg - 67.83 kb Andrea5ww.jpg - 79.16 kb
Pat Smith from California is making a great number of wooden toy trains. some natural wood, some painted. Pat is using Aschi's Workshop Plan #199 and makes some alteration. pst002.jpg - 64.01 kb pst007.jpg - 71.14 kb pst011.jpg - 93.54 kb pst003.jpg - 100.14 kb
Thomas Little from Rocky Mtn House, Alberta, Canada is making toys to order. Thomas is using Aschi's plans and makes alterations to suit the customers wishes. Thomastipper.jpg - 56.04 kb Thomaspeter.jpg - 114.72 kb Thomastanker.jpg - 66.74 kb thomasford.jpg - 64.91 kb
Gerhard Sachse from Leipzig / Germany is making Wooden Toys, using plywood.  Aw_003.jpg - 114.18 kb awBastelstube_001.jpg - 84.33 kb Dumperw2.jpg - 98.37 kb  
Pat Smith from California has made 36 Fire Trucks from Aschi's FREE PLAN #212. Pat has made also a Hot Rod version of the Fire Truck. See also the Fire Truck Page. 011ff.jpg - 110.45 kb 015ff.jpg - 107.76 kb fbp004.jpg - 130.14 kb psf12.jpg - 82.21 kb
Thomas Scheumann has built the colorful fleet from Aschi's Plans. Thomas also builds truck models. a3616.jpg - 95.46 kb a3621.jpg - 82.92 kb a3622.jpg - 86.7 kb a3624.jpg - 60.33 kb
George Waite from Atwood, Co. USA, is a professioneller toymaker. George built the model from Aschi's Workshop plans and makes alterations. ffphoto222.jpg - 78.46 kb ffphoto333.jpg - 78.46 kb ffphoto4.jpg - 77.48 kb ffphoto3.jpg - 49.46 kb