Model Builder Gerhard Sachse

Model Builder and Toy Maker Gerhard Sachse

Gerhard Sachse has modified the Aschi's FREE PLAN for the Trike. Well done Gerhard.

Click here for the FREE PLAN

GS403.jpg - 68.46 kb GS401.jpg - 76.54 kb GS402.jpg - 112.43 kb GS400.jpg - 69.86 kb
GS309.jpg - 100.08 kb Gerhard Sachse from Leipzig, Germany is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans and his own design as well.  GS343.jpg - 83.86 kb GS306.jpg - 87.09 kb GS348.jpg - 109.7 kb
Gerhard Sachse from Leipzig, Germany likes building little models and toys. Gerhard used Aschi's Racer Plan and built the models in half size. derRacer005c.jpg - 60.54 kb

Do you like little models?

Let Aschi know. Aschi likes your feedback.

Aschi's Workshop does it.

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Gerhard Sachse hat dieses Modell von Aschi"s Workshop Plans fuer Joachim Gundlach in Dortmundin gebaut.

Gerhard Sachse has built this model from Aschi's Workshop Plans for Joachim Gundlach in Dortmund.

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'Gundi' mit seinen N-Scale model hat Aschi zum bau dieses Abschlepwagens angeregt.

'Gundi' with his N-Scale model has Aschi inspired to build this Tow-Truck.

Thank you to Gerhard and Gundi.

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gs05.jpg - 103.21 kb gs10.jpg - 83.36 kb Gerhard Sachse von Leipzig ist ein Meister in Modellbau!!  Dieser Buessing LKW ist im Masstab 1:27. gs06.jpg - 97.69 kb Gerhard Sachse is a master model builder!!! Gerhard started off building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Soon he advanced to a fine scale model builder.
gs10001.jpg - 74.22 kb Gerhard Sachse has built this super model of an old Buessing truck. Scale: 1:27  Gerhard got inspired from the Aschi's Workshop Plans. gs10002.jpg - 81.16 kb Gerhard Sachse hat dieses Super Modell fon einem alten Buessing LKW gebaut,  Der Masstab ist 1:27.  Gerhard wurde von den Aschi's Workschop Plaenen angeregt. gs10003.jpg - 61.96 kb
Gerhard Sachse von Leipzig, Germany has diese Gulasch Kanone gebaut. Masstab 1:20. Alles nach original Plaenen. gs0001.jpg - 81.1 kb gs0002.jpg - 81.67 kb

Gerhard Sachse has built the mobile kitchen from original plans in scale 1:20  Aschi's Workshop has a number of truck plans to fit. 


gs0005.jpg - 81.75 kb
Gerhard Sachse  has built the newest models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The Rollers are out of a set of plans. The picture on the right shows Gerhard"s display in his living room. gs14_03.jpg - 102.83 kb gs14_05.jpg - 113.92 kb 217s089.jpg - 116.46 kb gs014.jpg - 93.19 kb
Gerhard Sachse from Leipzig / Germany made many models of locomitives in all sizes and for all gauges. Between Gerhard has built scip models and now he is making toys, using Aschi's Wooden Toy Plans.  Scan0002w.jpg - 96.61 kb Eisenbahn_00144w.jpg - 163.43 kb Eisenbahn_00244w.jpg - 153.93 kb Eisenbahn_002wheels.jpg - 132.02 kb
P1010037www.jpg - 87.71 kb

Left: "Glaskasten" built by Gerhard.

Right: This G-Gauge model of a Hartman Fairley Loco is now running in Aschi's Garden. See more about, klick here.

aschistrain6.jpg - 171.48 kb

Above: Gerhards Pride and Joy is this super model of an BR44. All parts are handmade.

Right: Gerhard has built also ship models like this one.

P1010039shipww.jpg - 170.23 kb
Gerhard is now building wooden toys from Aschi's Workshop plans.  Aw_003.jpg - 114.18 kb a1Werkstatt_001.jpg - 130.46 kb Dumperw2.jpg - 98.37 kb Gerh_Dumper1.jpg - 80.21 kb
GS10032.jpg - 82.88 kb

Gerhard Sachse: " is so easy to work from Aschi's Toy Pattern"

Here are collection from Gerhards  Workshop.

GS10033.jpg - 112.93 kb Gerhard enjoys making wooden toys from Aschi's Workshop plans. awBastelstube_001.jpg - 84.33 kb
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