Toy Maker from all over the World 2017

2017 Model Maker
AA_JRc.jpg - 71.2 kb John Rhodes has built the Steam Traction Engines from Aschi's Workshop Plan #124. Pushed along, all wheels are turning and the Pisten Rod is moving.      

Franklyn Silverman is famous for building the MINI Series and also enlarging the 1:20 Plans by x1.5 and build real big toy models.  All plans from Aschi's Workshop.

A_FRANK_S741.jpg - 152.22 kb A_FRANK_S934.jpg - 130.1 kb A_FRANK_S957.jpg - 148.1 kb A_FRANK_S758.jpg - 99.4 kb
TowTruck.jpg - 114.97 kb Steven Dorland from Iowa, USA has built the Tow Truck from Aschi's Workshop plan #230 Steven: Thought I would send you a photo of how the truck came out.  Enjoyed the build.  Great plan.

Aschi's Workshop Plans.

I retired this year and decided to make wooden toys for my grandkids this Christmas now that I had more shop time.  I am looking forward to building some more of your plans sometime next year.

Cory Hauser: Peter, Thanks to you and your plans I was able to pull this order off for one of my customers that wanted me to build a replica of her husband's truck I think I got it pretty darn close and I now have a very very Happy Customer.  Cory    Plans from Aschi's Workshop


aCory_0811.jpg - 211.87 kb aCory_0885.jpg - 68.23 kb aCory_0888.jpg - 82.84 kb aCory_0890.jpg - 93.38 kb
CORYH_70.jpg - 69.66 kb Cory Hauser has built the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. CORYH_72.jpg - 64.69 kb CORYH_74.jpg - 64.08 kb

This models are in 1:27 scale.

The truck plan is #280. There are 3 different versions to build from one plan. Check it out:

Steve Pinder is making a lot of toys for charity. Steve likes to use the plans from Aschi's Workshop. Good to share the the pictures. STEVEP1.jpg - 123.66 kb STEVEP2.jpg - 116.86 kb Pat Smith from California is celebrating Christmas with toys he made from Aschi's Workshop Plans. pat_2017c.jpg - 182.7 kb
Kraig Riley from Australia has built the Prime Mover / Road Tractor for the Australian Live stock trailer. Kraig322.jpg - 108.56 kb Kraig243.jpg - 98.93 kb Kraig201.jpg - 113.41 kb Kraig has built the trailer plan #229 and used the plan #280 to build his own Australian Prime mover.  Aschi's Workshop got inspired and has created plan #284.  THANKS TO KRAIG.
Kraig711.jpg - 101.71 kb Kraig736.jpg - 90.53 kb KraigR_42.jpg - 80.75 kb KraigR_47.jpg - 88.12 kb KraigR_229B-DoubleLive27-1.jpg - 67.98 kb
Pat Smith from California is building trains from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The trains from the JUNIOR series are all in the same scale and style. Pat_100_2699c.jpg - 185.88 kb Pat_100_2697c.jpg - 113.32 kb Pat_100_2695c.jpg - 142.4 kb 261CamelBackLoco.jpg - 57.32 kb
Pat_100_2701c.jpg - 171.24 kb Pat_100_2689c.jpg - 112.2 kb Pat_100_2690c.jpg - 116.46 kb Pat_100_2691c.jpg - 129.61 kb Pat_100_2693c.jpg - 124.3 kb
DavidF4606.jpg - 119.65 kb David Francis from Western Australia has built the Road Train from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The plan for the bullBar is a FREE PLAN. DavidF4607.jpg - 99.48 kb DavidF4613.jpg - 105.74 kb DavidF4604.jpg - 131.84 kb
Mark Dyble from Stroke On Trent, UK is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. !! :I couldn't do this without your easy to use and follow plans.. they're spectacular and I look forward to seeing many more for purchase so I can do those too! 17_Mark_D_4.jpg - 131.09 kb 17_Mark_D_8.jpg - 119.27 kb 17_Mark_D_1.jpg - 98.41 kb 17_Mark_D_3.jpg - 71.96 kb
17_Mark_D_9.jpg - 111.62 kb 17_Mark_D_2.jpg - 88.98 kb Mark Dyble: are some photos of the work I've done using your plans. They're proving really popular.. so much so I'm currently making 4 of the big Peterbilt trucks with trailers..  two going off to America and the other 2 here in the UK. I love the plans and together with some of my own imagination they look superb. I particularly love the new truck plans..  17_Mark_D_5.jpg - 240.32 kb 17_Mark_D_7.jpg - 112.18 kb
AchMG_0652.jpg - 90.88 kb AchMG_0653.jpg - 77.8 kb AchMG_0654.jpg - 83.7 kb AchMG_0657.jpg - 93.24 kb AchMG_0660.jpg - 130.56 kb
Kraig Riley from Australia has built the B-Double Stock Trailer from Aschi's Workshop plan. KraigR_42.jpg - 80.75 kb KraigR_47.jpg - 88.12 kb

Kraig is now working on the prime-mover as it called in Australia.

Right: cover of Plan #229 from Aschi's Workshop

KraigR_229B-DoubleLive27-1.jpg - 67.98 kb
KevinR_16.jpg - 181.15 kb

Hi Peter,
I have enclosed a photo of the two tippers I have just completed. As they were the first models I have made, I'm happy with the result. I hope my grandsons will enjoy them. I have started two pulp trailers to go with the other two prime movers (I built four at once).Thanks again………Regards,  Kevin Ransom.

CA_1vcvc.jpg - 98.57 kb Col Ashy from Western Australia has used Aschi's Workshop Plan as base and scaled up to 1:12. CA_.jpg - 111.6 kb
David Francis from Falcon  / Western Australia has built a number of Land Rovers in divverent versions from    Plan #188 from Aschi's Workshop.       Paul Jobbins Video. DF_4601.jpg - 173.73 kb DF_4602.jpg - 181.6 kb DF_4608.jpg - 89.81 kb DF_4610.jpg - 87.29 kb
DF_4611.jpg - 120.89 kb DF_4618.jpg - 109.53 kb DF_4620.jpg - 100.2 kb DF_4622.jpg - 92.09 kb DF_4625.jpg - 99.48 kb
ALLES_C2918.jpg - 124.9 kb Chris Alles from Ontario is building models in Scale 1:20 from Aschi's Workshop Plans. ALLES_C182810.jpg - 103.36 kb ALLES_C2934.jpg - 82.37 kb

Check out the many Plans from Aschi's Workshop.

 Easy to buid, no special tools needed.Request your FREE PLAN today.

Barry Sims from Murray Bridge, South Australia: I have enjoyed making many of Aschi’s models (all over a dozen and have sold 8 different ones to friends) and find the plans easy to follow. I have made a few additions to some Models.

BARRY_S_2740.jpg - 95.88 kb BARRY_S_2739.jpg - 123.46 kb BARRY_S_0099.jpg - 46.34 kb BARRY_S_0101.jpg - 48.61 kb
BARRY_S_0098.jpg - 49.59 kb BARRY_S_0z100.jpg - 51.44 kb 306pagexx1_0007ww.jpg - 119.29 kb

Barry has built the big truck, based on a Oshkosh and also used the extender/ conversin plans to make all this super models.

Check out the plans from Aschi's Workshop.

BARRY_S_0103.jpg - 41.92 kb
CORYH975.jpg - 85.59 kb Cory Hauser has built this crane on the base of Aschi's Workshop plan #209. Cory has done an excelet job making the working crane. The Bull-Bar looks good on the truck and makes it a real Australian Model. Bull-Bar is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop. CORYH976.jpg - 76.89 kb CORYH985.jpg - 83.27 kb
John Rhodes from New Zealand has built this model from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Excelent woodwork John! John0175z.jpg - 155.52 kb

Check out the Toy and Model Plans from Aschi's Workshop.

Baqsed on the real thing, to scale and easy to build. Get your FREE PLANS today.

CORYH981.jpg - 75.38 kb CORY979.jpg - 74.38 kb
ChrisAlles440.jpg - 95.82 kb ChrisAlles546.jpg - 112.85 kb

Chris Alles from Ontario is buiding models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

Request your FREE PLANS today from Aschi's Workshop.

ChrisAlles608.jpg - 109.57 kb CrisAlles455.jpg - 116.2 kb
TruckCA6.jpg - 79.71 kb Chris Alles from Ontario is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The AMERICAN Custom Rig is the favourite. TruckCA7.jpg - 63.21 kb TruckCA9.jpg - 58.43 kb truckCA3.jpg - 59.87 kb
David Francis from Falcon, Western Australia has built model trucks of his own designe for a long time. David is now buiding from Aschi's Workshop Plans. DF_0001x.jpg - 73.03 kb DF4567.jpg - 96.26 kb DF577x.jpg - 88.37 kb DFP3461.jpg - 193.45 kb
pat_55.jpg - 180.06 kb pat_653.jpg - 141.27 kb Pat Smith from California has completed more trains from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Here the California Zephyr, Plan #220 aps220.jpg - 58.77 kb pat_656.jpg - 245.19 kb

Hi Peter,

Here is a truck I've built. I made it with Douglas pine except the fuel tanks and radiators which are Beechwood. I enjoyed very much building it from Aschi's Plans. Best wishes from France Amaury du Soulier / France

AmSo1.jpg - 151.96 kb AmSo2.jpg - 138.96 kb AmSo3.jpg - 102.27 kb aschis-easyasccac.jpg - 58.51 kb
Franklyn Silverman is building from Aschi's Workshop Plans. See more from Frank's work: Click here. aFS001.jpg - 115.76 kb aFS004.jpg - 123.03 kb aFS005.jpg - 136.49 kb aFS006.jpg - 142.86 kb
aFS055.jpg - 111.77 kb aFS056.jpg - 95.72 kb aFS057.jpg - 104.65 kb aFS060.jpg - 101.84 kb aFS064.jpg - 90.29 kb

Steve Pinder, Queensland / Australia "I have not been making wooden toys for so long, about 2 years I guess. I was involved in making Fibreglass, Resin and Styrene scale warships many years ago mainly Royal Navy ships for Remote Control. Ships generally about 2M long. 

stevep091.jpg - 88.98 kb stevep719.jpg - 105.39 kb stevep601.jpg - 115.12 kb stevep301.jpg - 155.42 kb
stevep156.jpg - 141.72 kb

 Since I have retired I have taken up making sawdust which I enjoy immensely and in particular, the making of toys for the pleasure of myself and for the underprivileged children on Mount Tamborine and country kids.


stevep059.jpg - 154.16 kb

Aschi's Workshop Plans are ideal for this as the finished products are realistic yet robust enough to be played with vigorously! I look forward to getting many more plans from your growing web-page.

stevep456.jpg - 158.11 kb
stevep227.jpg - 173.47 kb stevep239.jpg - 151.51 kb stevep933.jpg - 161.75 kb stevep207.jpg - 162.63 kb stevep953.jpg - 171.09 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada has built the Oshkosh Truck in different versions from Aschi's Workshop Plans. 17-05.jpg - 75.79 kb 17-10.jpg - 91.22 kb 17-22.jpg - 86.89 kb Gerry has his own page on petersportal. See the many models built by Gerry and photograped by his wife Deyna.
aps156.jpg - 56.05 kbaps199.jpg - 385.82 kbaps220.jpg - 58.77 kb Pat Smith from California is building traind from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Pats favorite is the Christmas Train #199. aps2.jpg - 239.57 kb aps1.jpg - 145.92 kb aps4.jpg - 65.44 kb
Cal Hanton from Queensland / Australia has built 3 Fire Trucks from Aschi's Workshop FREE PLAN. Cal has done an excellent job. calh5595.jpg - 85.08 kb calh5599.jpg - 92.04 kb calh5597.jpg - 133.7 kb calh212FireTruck.jpg - 496.13 kb
TPw9.jpg - 135.39 kb TPw8.jpg - 118.69 kb

Peter Ratcliffe:  I still make a lot of the A,B and M type cars and have added a WO type (Bentley) to the range. I have just completed my first Transporter very much designed on the principles of your designs. I did however have the sides laser cut.

Car Plans  #113 from Aschi's Workshop

TPw113.jpg - 61.78 kb TPw.jpg - 129.56 kb
Calvin Hanton from Queensland / Australia has built the LandRover (Plan #188) and the Dozer (free plan) with the Vibro Roller (Plan #116)  from Aschi's Workshop Plans. CH5q.jpg - 94.33 kb CH6q.jpg - 82.51 kb CH4q.jpg - 94.13 kb CH3q.jpg - 108.02 kb
CH2q.jpg - 78.56 kb CH9q.jpg - 104.1 kb

Calvin has mounted a small chain to the shield from preventing it from falling down.


CH7q.jpg - 139.88 kb CH8q.jpg - 92.99 kb
Pat1.jpg - 80.39 kb

Pat Smith from California: Peter, Here is the freight train (plan #156) all completed. I have orders for 4 more...

Aschi's Workshop has the plans.

Pat4.jpg - 67.27 kb Pat2.jpg - 98.56 kb Pat5.jpg - 59.2 kb

Xavier Pousset from France has built all this super models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.   Here are the models from Plan #205/206 + 254

x7x.jpg - 106.84 kb x8x.jpg - 109.55 kb x6x.jpg - 80.68 kb x10x.jpg - 85.64 kb
x17x.jpg - 95.13 kb This row of pictures shows the big selection of models from Master Buider Xavier Pousset. x1x.jpg - 78.6 kb x2x.jpg - 85.39 kb x3x.jpg - 93.39 kb
x14x.jpg - 95.02 kb x16x.jpg - 175.67 kb The Plan #230 is perhaps the most popular plan in Aschi's big selection of plans. The Crane-Truck is the base modeland there is a number of extender plans available. ...only from Aschi's Workshop... x5x.jpg - 133 kb x4x.jpg - 117.6 kb
x11x.jpg - 86.36 kb x12x.jpg - 84.22 kb x13x.jpg - 92.09 kb x15.jpg - 77.85 kb This is a model of an Australian Road Train. The model is in Scale 1:27. The side tipper works with one lever to open the side wall and tip the body....only from Aschi's Workshop...
x19x.jpg - 94.71 kb x20x.jpg - 121.51 kb x21x.jpg - 97.47 kb x18x.jpg - 93.11 kb The old Scammell 1932 is plan #125, the Island Cabin Truck is plan #161 and the Ftre Truck is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop for you to test Aschi's Workshop Plans.
JimJ3.jpg - 93.61 kb Jim Jarvis from New York is building toys and models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. JimJ1.jpg - 96.68 kb Aschi's Workshop has a big selection on easy to make Wooden Toy and model plans.  CLICK HERE and check it out. JimJ2.jpg - 77.17 kb

Kevin Tudor , UK,  has built the Fire Truck – Free Plan from Aschi’s Workshop. Kevin has used selected lumber/ wood to build this stunning model.

kevT_184031.jpg - 115.24 kb

Check out all FREE PLANS from Aschi's Workshop.

kevT_184048.jpg - 123.7 kb

What Knots Wood 

The Plan for the Fire Truck is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop.

Request today... you get the plan as PDF in your e-mail.

kevT_151431.jpg - 96.68 kb kevT_151404.jpg - 116.37 kb kevT_0319_o.jpg - 113.36 kb

Love the plans - the are clear and precise. I will be ordering some more from you during this week!  :-)    Keep up the good work fella :-)     Best wishes,     Kev

AD35.jpg - 132.64 kb Andrew Draysdale from NSW / Australia Has built this Fire Truck from the FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop.

If you have built a model or toy from Aschi's Workshop plans and like to show it, here is the place. E-mail Peter Aschi and send your photos: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Peter Archer from British Columbia / Canada has built this impressive model from Aschi's Workshop Plan #206. ADpeterArcher1.jpg - 128.74 kb

Keith Matthews from Mooresville, North Carolina. USA .

Keith is building models from Aschi's Workshop plans with modifications.

KM2.jpg - 69.93 kb KM3.jpg - 57.25 kb KM5.jpg - 52.25 kb

This is the truck I call whiskey runner. Made from Aschi's Workshop plan #211... with modifications... 

KM1.jpg - 87.02 kb Aschi's Workshop plans #209 with BONUS PPLAN for Bullbar and plan #214 made this this model possible to build. KM4.jpg - 57.66 kb Keith used Aschi's plan #209 as base and made this SUPER TRUCK. KM6.jpg - 62.3 kb

Cory Hauser from USA is building toys and models for his own collection and for the Toy Market. Cory is using mostly plans from Aschi's Workshop

CH4.jpg - 90.34 kb CH5.jpg - 83.64 kb CH6.jpg - 83.37 kb CH7.jpg - 88.47 kb
CH1.jpg - 100.29 kb

Cory Hauser is building toys and models like the DOZER and the FIRE TRUCK from Aschi's Workshop FREE PLANS. He sales toys at his CH's Little Woodshop store.

CH2.jpg - 74.87 kb

Hi Peter, I just wanted to send you some pictures of the plough truck I finished, using your plans. I think I got it pretty close to the real one at the shop. Your plans are Awesome I'll be building a lot of your plans from now on. Thanks  Cory Hauser

CH3.jpg - 81.68 kb